Monday, 23 January 2023

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 It is January again, which means that the grade eight class is preparing for mid-term exams. Students will write ELA, science, history, and math exams starting Tuesday, January 24th.

Each exam begins at 9:15 am and runs until 11:15. Students with permission from home may leave the school after 11:15, with the understanding that they are going home to study for their remaining exams.

2022-2023 Mid-term Exam Schedule


9:15 – ELA with Mr. Moore


9:15 – Science with Mrs. Escoto


9:15 – History with Mr. Moore


9:15 – Math with Miss. Pyrozyk



Wednesday, 19 October 2022

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October is here and we are getting ready to celebrate Halloween together again at last. Our Halloween Dance Party is happening on Friday, October 21st. All families of St. Gerard School are welcome.

The grade 8 class has begun their study of prehistory in social studies. We are examining the lives of some of our earliest human ancestors.

We have begun a unit in French, in which we explore the concept of investigation through examining some mysteries, which need solving.

Picture day will be upon us soon. Remember to wear a clean and fresh uniform, and make yourself look your best on Tuesday, October 25th.

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

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September is upon us once again and the grade 8 class is getting back to work after wonderful summer of fun and relaxation.

The grade 8 class has begun working on a novel journal in ELA. The class is listening to Matilda by Roald Dahl and keeping a listening response journal. We will also be starting our T.U.S.C. program in the next few weeks. In T.U.S.C. the students prepare and present weekly presentations on a variety of topics. This should be a fun and exciting learning experience.

In French we are starting our year with a unit about fast food. Students will learn about food choices as well as ordering and serving food in the context of fast food restaurants.

We are exploring the development of Worldviews in Social studies, then we will begin our unit of study about our pre-historic ancestors.

St. Gerard School’s annual Meet the Teacher BBQ is taking place the evening of Thursday, September 15th; all families of St. Gerard students are welcome.

Here’s to another wonderful school year at St. Gerard School.

Monday, 4 April 2022

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Welcome back!

 I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing spring break, and that we are all ready to get back to work in the third term.

In ELA the grade 8 class has recently finished reading, “Freak the Mighty” by Rodman Philbrick and are working to complete a novel study project.

We have begun our exploration of the history of Ancient Greece in social studies.

We are currently discussing career choices and options in French class.

Friday, 21 January 2022

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Hello and Happy New Year, everyone!

January is upon us, were are back in class together after a nice holiday break and a week of remote learning.

The Grade eight class is currently working hard to prepare for their mid-term exams, which are being held next week, from February 1st to February 4th.


Grade 8 Exam Schedule

Tuesday, February 1st

Language Arts – Mr. Moore

Wednesday, February 2nd

Science – Mrs. Escoto

Thursday, February 3rd

History – Mr. Moore

Friday, February 4th

Math – Miss Pyrozyk

Once exams have been completed we will be starting a new novel study in ELA. We will be reading "Freak the Mighty" by Rodman Philbrick and completing a series of activities relating to the story.

We are also about to begin our exploration of Ancient Egyptian history in social studies.

It looks like it will be a busy but exciting few weeks. It is great to be back at work together. 

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

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 November is here and we will be staying home on Thursday, November 11th in order to honour our veterans and the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives to provide us with freedom and opportunity.

St. Gerard school will be starting pizza lunch this month, each week students can order pizza for lunch on Friday. Orders should be handed in on Wednesday.

The grade 8 class has a social studies test this Friday, November 12th. They have received a study guide and are encouraged to review throughout the week.

We are coming close to the end of our novel "A Company of Fools." Students are encouraged to keep track of their journals and remember to hand them in when finished.

Monday, 13 September 2021

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September has arrived and we are back to school, ready to work hard. I want to welcome all the grade eight students back to class and hope we can work together to have a wonderful year of fun and learning.

In ELA the grade eight class will begin the year with a Novel called “A Company of Fools” by Deborah Ellis. As we listen to the story each student will be required to keep a journal of their experience.


Our First French unit is entitled “Au Casse-CroĆ»te” and is about Fast Food. Students will learn about food choices and ordering in restaurants.

In Social Studies we will begin our journey through history with a short unit on Worldviews. We will explore what a worldview is, how a person’s worldview is developed, what influences our worldview, and how our worldview affects the way we see the world.

Here’s hoping we have a wonderfully exciting and productive year!